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"Incredible!! I truly feel deeply moved, and the relaxation stayed with me for days. The bowls moved through so much of the junk I was holding onto. Your intro incorporating my intention was beautiful and so authentic. While gently swaying I felt like I was floating on ocean waves and drifted off into such a zen place. So grateful for your gift and the Zen Bed experience!" - Jenelle

"The Zen Bed takes sound healing to a whole new level. The feeling of floating and gentle motion helped move the sound vibrations through my body. It created a peaceful stirring up and cleansing of all the energies inside that needed to change and I felt present and relaxed during the whole experience" - Renee D


"Wow! What a treat! Layers and layers of relaxation, colors and release. I will definitely come for more. Namaste!" - Rev. Maria C

"Amazing! As soon as it began I felt as if I was slowly spinning and drifting away. I was just floating through the sounds with the sounds flowing through me. As the vibrations surged through me, I felt my body re-align itself all the way from my head to my toes. It was as if my body and the sounds were having
a conversation. I was simultaneously completely relaxed and totally energized. It was strange and profound. The ZEN BED was an experience I could never have imagined." - Bruce D

"The subtle waves of vibrations moved through me and it gave me pleasant goosebumps all over! The sound on the Zen Bed created lots of physical sensation and rocked me into deep relaxation." - Tapasya

"The ZEN BED was like a voyage through unknown space, and the vehicle/vessel I was traveling through the cosmos in gently rocked back & forth like some cosmic tilt-a-whirl." - Christine P

"OMG Preston, you give the best sound! Seriously. Amazing ability. I never had such an amazing experience!!!" - Larisa

"ZEN BED is the greatest gift you can give to anyone who is on a journey of healing, self-awareness & seeking bliss. My soul finally found some space in my body. VERY ZEN indeed." - Holly Anne Hughes

"I felt the ZEN BED's vibrations everywhere - inside my bones & my blood. It felt better & more purifying than a 3hr bath in complete darkness with white noise in the background. I'm addicted (in the good way)." - Jeremy


"My ZEN BED meditation was a remarkable, transcending experience. I traversed being on water, being water, being a Sandhill Crane, & being in a monastery." - Eric Q

"Ahhhmazing :)" - Charise

"Very cool. Healing, loving, powerful and fun. " - Jack

"I had a really cool vision during the session, and was pretty much vibrating the rest of the next day or so - a good feeling. Thank you so much!" - Chandra

"Today's ZEN BED sound-healing session transcended the human experience!!!" - Ayshen


Can Sound Heal?
Zen Bed

ZEN BED is a personal one-on-one floating meditation-relaxation session. Because of the apparatus involved, it takes place only @ our home, Temple Synphorium. A wooden "bed" (hung from the ceiling by 3 cables) floats a few inches above the floor and subtley swings. You lie on the hard wood "bed" as I play Bombay Temple Bowls & a crystal bowls on the 4 quadrants of the structure. The physical frequencies flow through the wood and gently vibrate your cranium, shoulders, sacrum, and feet for 35-45 minutes. (210lb weight limit.)

The ZEN BED is very meditational and relaxing. You have a choice of intention: either PURIFICATION, or RELAXATION (though each session is always a mixture of both). It also inspires deep inner journeying. So... If the ZEN BED is something you'd like to experience, let's schedule a session!

NOTE: If you'd like to host a Sound Meditation session in your home, yoga studio, church. school ("Show&Tell"), wellness day, festival, center, or temple, please contact me. BTW: I gift sessions to groups in need: hospices, the blind, cancer centers, schools, etc.



(1) PERSONAL ZEN BED sessions are held any time 10AM-midnight; 40-ish minutes = $30-$60 sliding scale.


(2) ZEN BED GIFT CERTIFICATES are available.


Preston Klik's Sound Healing-Meditation



Composer Aaron Copland said: "Is there healing in music? My answer is 'Yes.' Can I state in so many words what the healing is? My answer is 'No.'"


I too believe sound can help us heal, but not like penicillin or Emily's CranialSacral Therapy, of course.

Within Mystery/Consciousness there is a subset called "the material world". Science is a revealing and wonderful tool for subjects that can be measured. But the Spiritual Being called human? There's more to us than the material. And sound vibration is one portal to the intuitive realms, the "energy worlds" pre- (and post-) words/rationality/science.

I do what I can to help heal and purify you of psycho-physical wounds, helping you to reach more deeply, to transform from mere homo sapiens into the emerging Homo Illuminatus. A Luminous Being is healthy and translucent, fully living from and AS the Divine Light within. I'd like to help you access that realization.

Namaste' - Preston

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