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• LESSONS=I now offer lessons in sound-meditation. During the private one-on-one lesson(s), you'll get hands-on time on $20,000 worth of large & small gongs, crystal and Himalayan bowls, handpans, monochord, plus a wide variety of wands & mallets, etc . You'll make them sing their music to you, & I'll answer your questions about techniques, spirituality, or meditation. (If you choose, I can share a short or long private sound-meditation session for you during the lesson.)

PROCESS=The process is organic and spontaneous, serving YOUR sonic/spiritual needs to the best of my ability. And, if you're ready to go further, I'll guide you in how and where to best buy your own meditation instruments. If you own a meditation instrument you want to explore, bring it. PM me to set up an appointment.

• FEES=Lessons are $60 an hour 
day or eve (longer? 70 minutes=$70, etc).

• NOTE: Everybody very much likes the personalized approach: "What do you want to know about? What do you want to play? What are you wondering?" I'd love to see YOUR eyes/ears perk up when you play bowls &/or gong. We do it by appointment. Let's make it happen!

Lessons In
Sound Healing Meditation

Lessons in Sound Healing-Meditation




"We learned so much! I can't wait to go home and play with my instruments now. And I'll take another lesson when I want some inspiration. My wife & I oved it!"

"My son really enjoyed his time with the gongs plus exploring your artistic home.  He gave you the ultimate compliment... he said that if he lived there, he would never need his iPad! :) He wants to come back."

"Totally useful lesson, organic beginning to end. I appreciate you trusting me to play your instruments and for guiding me, not lecturing. I learned where and how to touch them to get amazing sounds. Plus you have a nice setup with good variety. We shared a presence in the sound. It felt good, and I'm so grateful."

"This experience touched me on many levels - definitely goes into my Memory Treasure Chest! I learned by watching you demonstrate, and I felt validated in exploring in my own way as well. It was wonderful to actually play your bowls and gongs. And I greatly appreciated the tips on tools, and techniques so that I can take my own instruments to higher levels. I came away with ideas and inspiration, and the sense of satisfaction from connecting with a fellow sacred sound musician."

"My son and I spent a wonderful hour! We learned about sound healing, played an ocean drum, singing bowls and gong. I highly recommend Preston's sound healings and meditations."

"The pace was perfect. I got everything I wanted from the lesson. And I got my own bowl blessed! It was the perfect end to a very enjoyable birthday weekend."

"Thank you for sharing space, information, and passion for the Divine in such an authentically joyful and transparent fashion. My time spent with you was lovely and precisely what I was hoping for."

"The lesson put a shine on my whole day, Preston. It's so hard to talk about music, but so fun to try! I enjoyed how we both attempted to capture the beauty and complexity of sounds in language. It reminded me of cloud-spotting. It's rare to experiment with crystal bowls, let alone a gong - and having you guide me through that discovery process with your stories and experiences made it even better. Playing your meditative sound-makers was like having a great conversation with your close friends. Today was a treasure!"

"Your patient approach helped me feel comfortable learning about the crystal bowls. I could tell from the very start that you have a passion for sounds, music, and teaching. If anyone is interested in learning from a man on the road to mastery, I recommend checking Preston out!"

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