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Can Sound Heal?

Composer Aaron Copland said: "Is there healing in music? My answer is 'Yes.' Can I state in so many words what the healing is? My answer is 'No.'"


I too believe sound can help us heal, but not like penicillin or Emily's CranialSacral Therapy, of course.

Within Mystery/Consciousness there is a subset called "the material world". Science is a revealing and wonderful tool for subjects that can be measured. But the Spiritual Being called human? There's more to us than the material. And sound vibration is one portal to the intuitive realms, the "energy worlds" pre- (and post-) words/rationality/science.

I do what I can to help heal and purify you of psycho-physical wounds, helping you to reach more deeply, to transform from mere homo sapiens into the emerging Homo Illuminatus. A Luminous Being is healthy and translucent, fully living from and AS the Divine Light within. I'd like to help you access that realization.

Namaste' - Preston

Ocean Of Devotion
Gong Wash
"The function of music is to quiet the mind to make it more sensitive to divine intervention." - The Sama Vedas

OCEAN OF DEVOTION is a gentle-but-dynamic, 90-minute (including into and outro talk) sound meditation. OCEAN sometimes loud is most often tranquil & soothing. I play a trio of gongs (including a customized 36-inch HEART GONG), plus crystal bowls, Bombay Temple Bowls, ocean drum, etc.

Lit by candles, this richly cinematic musical odyssey is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear, heart, body, and mind. I've been a professional musician all my life, and I really love this OCEAN GONG WASH - and I hope you will too!  Relaxing and often healing, OCEAN inspires deep inner journeying in a community context.


* * * * *

A GONG WASH is about journeying. My customized multi-tone 36-inch HEART GONG is a fantastic musical instrument.  I bath attendees in multiple octaves of cinematic and inspirational sonic vibrations while they lie comfortably on cushions. I love making it sing, murmur, resonate: choirs, whales, planets whirling, underwater excursions, fire/ air/ earth/ water/ ether, etc. The dream-like sounds - plus the rich, deep vibrations - loosen static energies within one's psycho-physical body, allowing unique cleansings and healings to occur. 

short YouTube videos ...
Preston Klik: Sounds Of Silence #1 - Gong Calls To Me 
Preston Klik: Sounds Of Silence #2 - Sacred Music Prayer 
Preston Klik: Sounds Of Silence #3 - A Sound Story
Preston Klik: Sounds Of Silence #4 - Psycho-Physical Properties

NEWS ARTICLE: "Chicagoan Brings New Meditation"

"The Advantages Of Meditation"

(link) NYTimes: "Soun Meditation Goes Mainstream"

NOTE: If you'd like to host a Sound Meditation session in your home, yoga studio, church. school ("Show&Tell"), wellness day, festival, center, or temple, please contact me. BTW: I gift sessions to groups in need: hospices, the blind, cancer centers, schools, etc.

Preston Klik's Gong Wash (meditation)



"I've been praying to the Universe for a sign/miracle. Tonight I went to Preston Klik's gong meditation in Evanston. I set an intention on my StRuGgLe!! And the gong began. Typically I go in to deep meditation for the session. Oh no, not tonight!

Preston began the musical magic. Aaaaah, my 3rd eye opens and closes so slowly just gazing at me, so reassuring. This is my favorite part of meditation. All of a sudden, a clear VERY realistic image came to life and startled me back to the present in an instant!! It was a serpent-headed snake-like creature. At first I thought there were 2 of them and I realized it was actually 1 being, fighting to eat itself from the tail.

I've never had a vision like this in my 45 years of life, not in a dream and never during meditation!! It literally frightened me and I did not reach a meditative state of mind after seeing that serpent/snake eating itself. It was so real!

I thought it was a bad thing so I was very embarrassed to share with all in attendance, actually crying as I tried to express it. Since I've been an avid meditator, I've never had any real big MAJOR struggle to deal with until this past month. And this is the first time I brought something huge, life changing, to a gong meditation.

I was told this snake is an Ouroboros: a circular symbol depicting a snake swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity. The sense of something constantly re-creating itself. Representing the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life and death. IT'S ME!!  It became very clear: It. Is. Me. I am no longer feeling fear! I have been fighting the truth for weeks. I need to recreate my life ONE more time, as I have SEVERAL times. So that I may be whole again. To love myself again.

All 3 of my eyes are wide open, awareness is present. THE UNIVERSE HAS ALWAYS HAD MY BACK AND NEVER WILL TURN IT'S BACK... I just needed to be patient is all."

What an amazing sound meditation. Gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, ocean drums, bells & chimes... a universal spiritual voyage to the core, vibrating every cell in my body & DNA. Feeling so full of peace & love."

"In a state of intense euphoria. Just had the most beautiful meditation. It was such a emotional trance. It felt like an out-of-body experience. I really felt like I was floating. Preston is a true gem.... a Gong & Sound Meditation cleanser. Thank you so much for your profound blessing!!! My heart, body and mind are full of pure happiness. I feel whole

"What a beautiful inner journey. It resonated with my Soul."

"A white beam burst from within, lighting the dark, acting as my guide. I ascended like a rocket to transcendence, abducted by the divine. Further out, but deeper in. Exploring the vastness of my own cosmic realm, I found myself in the paradise and unprecedented comfort of my soul, listening to the waves of the OCEAN OF DEVOTION as they washed away all that no longer served my body and mind. Blissed and blessed."

"On behalf of our staff and guests at Universal Spirit Yoga, I want to reach our hearts out to you again and tell you Thank you so much for your journey to our studio. Your love and light shines bright. You left a magical imprint on all of us today! I am buzzing with loving energy. I never want it to leave my body. You have found your Calling. Thank you for sharing your gift. The world shine brighter, feels more peaceful, and love flows more gently because of you. We can't wait to have you back very soon. Namaste."

Thanks for making the world a better place! Your work brings so much joy and peace to so many. I am moved by your passion, drive, and ability to honor your path."

"A year ago, I had a profound and mind altering experience. I saw myself surround by beauty, music, art, dance and creation. I dove deep into my heart and set my intentions to my higher calling. I want to thank you again, Preston, for being the gatekeeper to my visual fore-shadowing of all the beauty that I experienced and made a reality afterwards."

"There are techniques we use to search for and get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves, revealing hidden agendas, buried treasures, mind parasites, and secret powers. Intentional sound is one such technology. Here's an opportunity to go spelunking, as in "spelunk yourself."

"This guy... Ocean Of Energy, Ocean of Devotion, Ocean of Spaciousness. "

"Gong Meditations can lead you on a journey. I've gone to the beach, into outer & inner space, down long dark creepy hallways. Other times just straight to a very restful unconscious state (word on the street is that i sometimes snore). There were times I was fully conscious & came out well grounded. It's unpredictable - but always exactly what you didn't know you needed."

"It was wonderful to finally experience your sound healing at Bhaktifest . As a studio owner, I've experienced many over the past few years and your is by far the most gentle and yet profound. Love your style :)"

"I felt like I was under water. Right where the waves hit the beach. The energy flowing thru my hands and feet was like something I've never experienced. Felt like a "physical meditation" if there is such a thing. Vibration went Thru me. Not just INTO me, like at 'rock shows.' So I feel refreshed and calm now. Not exhausted and shaky. "

"The Gong is perhaps the most powerful, and the most mysterious instrument. Gong Meditations are deeply nourishing and restorative. Through the intense vibrations of the sound, the body and mind are able to relax and surrender to healing energies, and as the waves of sound wash over participants, a deep energetic clearing occurs, leaving the participant feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. Thank You Preston!"


"I want to express my appreciation and admiration for Preston's work with our Integrative Medicine Group. The feedback I got about his sound meditation was that it was so relaxing, so needed, and simply wonderful. 

The Northwestern University's Center for Integrative Medicine program asked me for a reference regarding his performance at our retreat, and I gave Preston glowing reviews."

- Leslie Mendoza Temple, MD
Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Program
NorthShore University HealthSystem 
Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

One of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever experienced."

The sound meditation brought amazing peaceful and loving energy. I felt such a strong connection to my physical, energy and spiritual bodies as one! A beautiful experience!"

"Ok universe you got me. I keep bringing my wounded heart, my sensitive brain chemistry, and my ego and worries, I keep bringing my strength and my self motivation, my funny wisdoms, my organs, my ego, my self love, and my being. And I keep opening. I still don't know what happens at temple, but the sounds wash over me, parts of my body release, I see lights and colors and I have body sensations. I float in some force and it is all white. I swear I hear angels singing. Tears run down my face, its a thunder in my body. I am changing at the temple. After the meditation I lose myself in the little imagination rooms, I self sooth, I fall in love with stuffed animals, I let a cat be my healer. I say thank you universe, thanks for reminding me again how I am not in charge."

"We were thrilled with our meditation and the thoughtful time you took with us.  Your wonderful gift was transformational and the "shift" is in full effect!"

"You were superb today at services… absolutely Divine!!" - Rev Heidi

"Infinite thanks for the vibrating evening! It was a profoundly moving experience! So many images and sensations came to me through the beautiful intense sounds. Your creative sounds made me feel safe in my journey through different portals!"

"Words can not express the wonderful feelings I have right now. Thank you for opening the portal!"

"So blessed to have yet again experienced the magic that you create!"

"I want this every day for the rest of my life!! It was so incredible! Very blessed to have you in our space."

"An amazing show! Wow! So BEautiful! We are all so grateful you have found your calling. Your service to humanity is Divine!"

"For a while, it got louder and louder. Finally I surrendered... and that's when I got a huge shit-eatin' grin on my face."

"I went to a great gong wash as a part of a conference. The leader was from San Diego and is world renown. It was really good, but he had nothing on Preston. We are incredibly fortunate to have this quality of an opportunity right here in IL. It so comes thru Preston, and I'm being totally honest."

"Preston's sound meditation was the highlight of our Bodhi Spiritual Center teen mediation marathon!"

"We both feel shiny and new! Ocean of Devotion=sacred sound=an experience of beauty and transformation."

"The gong vibrations were some of the best yet!! They left NO room for mind chatter. I love that!"

(Preston here) "
A youngster, in utero for 2 more weeks, experienced my Gong Wash today. His very preggers mommy said "He loved the Ocean Drum! He was really moving to it." I thought to myself "It reminds him of the ocean." But no... he's yet not been to the ocean. So, when the time comes, it's possible the ocean will remind him of my Gong Wash! (first imprint) Ha!"

"I am now convinced that Preston's sound can transform any space into a temple! I think we were ALL in need...."

"I was brought face to face with The Blessed Virgin Mary. It was quite  incredible . That connection and journey was very significant for me in trusting my own capabilities and the work I am doing. I thank you for holding that space for all of us to do our work." - Kathleen


"I was trying hard to deal with some grieving, loss, guilt, regrets, and everything that goes along with the tragic loss of family. During the session I connected with them, and was able to begin to 'let go and let God'. Thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom and your wonderful gift. Maybe the experience will help someone else as much as it did me. "

"Thank you sooo much, Preston, for the amazing healing I experience each month at OCEAN OF DEVOTION. After each session my body is in perfect balance for a couple weeks. You are a gifted healer!"

"Your session at Body Mind Spirit Expo in Milwaukee was very profound and powerful."

"Dear Preston, Thank you for lecturing at our Body Mind Spirit Expo in Milwaukee. We really appreciate your involvement in the expo and want to thank you for the effort you put into making the event empowering for our attendees. We look forward to working with you again in the future." - Your Body Mind Spirit Expo Event Team

"You've no idea how grateful I am for the private Gong Wash yesterday. It made a tremendous impact. I've never experienced such good work on the bowls. You're very talented and not a wanna-be spiritualist (don't ask). You saved me."

"That was the best gong experience I've ever had! A dark stormy night is my favorite setting, and your awesome rain-making instrument took me to that place of peace. Another sound reminded me of knives, and it actually cut a cord in my back that I've been working on for a few days. So thank you for that! Can't wait to have you back."

"I've never felt like this before. All I gotta say is holy!"

"Your beginning talk was almost as moving as the gong itself! I teared up multiple times, and again at the end of the Gong Wash. It was just magical. I'm so thankful for people in this world like you who will travel to help others! "


"I was incredibly touched, moved, inspired, and freed by the OCEAN experience. I feel lighter and more joyous than I have in a long while."

"As always, an amazing experience. Thank you Preston for giving so much of yourself to all of us."


* * *


A deaf woman I'll call Dee came to yesterday's Gong Wash. We made room for her to sit as close as possible to me. Dee could read my lips if I looked right at her. Turns out she heard nothing the whole time, and felt very little vi bration-wise. I guided her fingertips to the bottoms of my crystal bowls when they were "singing", and to my Ocean Drum. Those made her face & eyes smile with wonder. But she "heard" nothing else, no gong, no nothin'. Profound silence. Dee sat up the whole time as she wanted to watch with her eyes and inquisitive mind. At the end she told the group she had an amazing experience, a spiritual experience, one full of wonder. She felt not the sound vibrations, but the intentional love-vibe we co-created. She saw me "go into a trance as you became one with the music." Deaf to the music, she still received Spirit. Which was - and is - the primary communication of my Gong Wash: Higher Self / Spirit / Christ-Light / Buddha Nature. She didn't hear a thing, but she still got the Gift. Blessed be.

* * *


"My husband was very affected by your Gong Wash (he's new to all this) and it really shook him up. He's good though. He's been going through a lot changes and released a lot of negative energy and blocks. After your Gong Wash he really understood everything I've been trying to teach him and is ready to fully move forward. (btw: I'm a Reiki master and certified in removing psychic debris, and I do a lot of past life work for people.) Blessed Be!"


"Your gong is the voice of the universe."


"Preston creates a stunning altar and climbs right inside of it! POWerful! "


"OCEAN is such a beautiful and spiritual event. The sounds take you to places within you and the Universe simultaneously, washing away everything that no longer serves your highest and best, everything that is no longer you, everything that no longer belongs. A wonderful experience!"


"Wonderful. I felt the Spirit with you in each moment. I am blessed."

"We are in awe at the variety of sound vibrations coming from your gong. We had a wonderful time floating in the Ocean, and feel spiritually cleansed."

"I have big shifts every time I attend OCEAN. Whether I realize it at the time or not, something happens within, something... Energies become aligned and allow the Higher me to speak through. I then feel confident to move in a direction that I feared before, and I always make some big decision or change in my life/lifestyle/way of living after attending. OCEAN is like a cleanse. The vibrations are very strong and push things out of me... it is a very powerful experience. I drive from Naperville and RSVP weeks in advance to attend. I know this is good for me. Thank you Preston for being a vehicle of this amazing transformation. From the heart."

"OCEAN... the beginning of time, explosions of stars, formation of planets, and the awe of the creation of life-forms and human consciousness. The earth was nuturing me, like a womb... decades of living life, experiencing great storms and serene stillness. It was what letting-go feels like, surrendering, a communion w/ all that is."

Preston writes: "Yes Soraya, OCEAN is all about inner work, which means it's subjective, not objective; personal revelation, not public. It's night-language (symbolic/poetry/Spirit), not day language (fact/measurable/science). And your words confirmed that, and made me realize that more aclearly than before. Thank you."

"I do kinesiology and test my body before and after your amazing sound-healing sessions. I've been having a hard time keeping my male & female energies (right & left sides of my body) in balance. When I test my body just before an Ocean session I'm usually out of balance, due to what I do for a living. After a sound-healing session my body is in perfect balance and stays that way for a couple of weeks, until work finally gets to me again & throws me off balance. Thank you sooo much for the amazing healing I experience each month at your Ocean of Devotion. You are a gifted healer!"

"Ocean of Devotion is a transcendently heart-opening musical journey of lyrical beauty and enigmatic force. It captivates the senses and careens close to the sublime. The exquisite artistry and grace of Preston’s innovative composition, as he interweaves driving rhythms and celestial sounds, creates a deeply soulful symphony that is both incredibly raw, yet spellbinding. This magical musical odyssey will catapult you into a blissful wave of unconditional love, and sweet surrender into your creative spirit."

"The sounds were primordial, ancient. We all went on a journey, and shared afterwards. Preston is a true performance artist. This is his own journey from electronica to acoustic instruments. Emily was a wonderful host, and offered a deep, guiding prayer."

"A very healing experience. Powerful vibrational healing sounds penetrate when one allows oneself to be drenched. My body twitched and vibrated in your sacred lounge, and a tear rolled down my face from each eye... very interesting. Certainly your Love and sound touched me in a special "just what I needed" way. You really captured the essence of the ocean... a magical world of mystery and wonder. Very powerful and amazing."

"As I was raised Buddhist, the sounds of gongs and cymbals resonate a sense of spiritual familiarity. Thank you sooooo much. OCEAN OF DEVOTION was a truly meditative inspiration."

"Dreams, Visions, you name it - OCEAN OF DEVOTION swept me away. I thought about it all the way home, and kept seeing it in dreams last night. Truly wonderful."



Schools+Colleges: "Sound Meditation Show & Tell"

NOTE: I start with an intro to meditation, sound meditation in particular, during which I let the students play some of my instruments. I then lead a sound meditation demo, followed by a Q&A/debrief. I adjust my presentation to the age group (7-year old thru college), and I can do as little as 30 minutes but 75-90 minutes is my preferred length. I prefer and honoarium of any amount, but I do offer Sound Meditation Show & Tell for free.

"Your sound meditation presentation was exactly what we were looking for - an opportunity to introduce students to new ideas and experiences, and asking them to step out of their comfort zones in a safe, supportive environment. I was pleased everyone participated, and even those who looked skeptical after your introduction appeared to enjoy the experience, and after a debrief, most would try it again. Thank you for creating the space to help our students explore themselves and the world around them." - Global Citizen High School

"The kids loved it! Mine talked all about it at dinner & I've heard from other parents that they loved it too." - Melissa Bingham, Bodhi's Camp Sunshine


"Preston transfixed a room full of 300 kids, ages 3-14, with his instruments, sounds, and gentle yet colorful presence. Preston's 'portable temple' was a huge hit too." - Barbara Granner, parent and Sacred Arts Day co-chair, Pope John XXIII School


"Many of my preschool kids said Preston's "sacred music" presentation was their favorite activity, as did I. How amazing - he kept 300+ students from 3-14 years old engaged!" - Julie SF, teacher, Pope John XXIII School


"The students truly connected with Preston Klik's music for meditation, and it set the tone for our Sacred Arts Day. Preschool to 8th grades were fascinated with the presentation." - Rosalie Musiala, principal, Pope John XXIII School


"The time our 14 kids spent with you & Emily was *voted the highlight of our Holistic Health Week*. You & your home opened our eyes, minds, and hearts to a new set of experiences. You engaged them on their level and fueled their innate curiosity with your insights, music, and approach to life. In the future, we hope you can replicate a similar experience for a new group of students. It was truly a unique and fulfilling experience." - Lauren Lieberman, Latin School of Chicago, Associate Director of College Counseling



(various patients) "I went into a kind of trance state & lost track of time." "I stopped thinking about my troubles." "I lifted away from my body." (from a blind ex-pro-athlete:) "I found myself on a rock, a little island, in the middle of the sea, away from everybody." "I focused on just one thing - the sound; I wasn't scattered." "Really beautiful!"

A collection of written comments from PTSD patients after Sound Meditation: "I liked how I was not shy and very comfortable. It was relaxing & soothing."

"I like that I was able to step away from my problems for the time being. I've never felt that before."

"It brought me to a place in my mind which I knew existed but never was able to visit."

"Very relaxed and tranquil. It cleared my mind."

"I didn't think about anything bad."

"It gave me good feeling."

"It made me feel safe."

"I liked the knowledge presented, & the safe space created for us."

"The sounds inspired me. It gave me time to get some happy thoughts."

"It took me to the medievil times and to the ocean."

"This was so great, keeping my mind open to new ideas, being able to go into a peaceful and safe place."

"This is conducive for my recovery!!!"  


"Today's sound medtiation was beautiful, magical, & thus utterly necessary for this group. I saw souls light up & heavy weights lifted. I am so honored to share this experience!" - Toria Shaw, Haymarket Center for PTSD Patients



"Preston Klik shared a Sound-Meditation for our psychiatric-social day program for mentally ill adults @ New Foundation Center. Members were inspired by Preston's calming and energetic presence, it was a wonderful presentation. They participated in and benefitted from the meditation, they were involved and asked questions. I personally was so impressed and loved how it made me feel. I think anyone would benefit from this wonderfully presented meditation." - Wendy Trafny, Community Support Specialist, New Foundation Center for Mentally Ill

Here are quotes from the mentally ill patients:

"When you started playing the bowls, I got calmer & calmer."

"I felt peaceful."

"It was like a storm, with thunder and rain."

"I felt like we were sharing a sacred moment. Like Spirit was present, right here with us."

"It reminded me of the Grateful Dead."

"I saw monks in robes. I heard chanting in my head."

"It was very spiritual."


NOTE: If you'd like to host a Sound Meditation session in your home, yoga studio, church. school ("Show&Tell"), wellness day, festival, center, or temple, please contact me. BTW: I gift sessions to groups in need: hospices, the blind, cancer centers, schools, etc.


(1) PERSONAL or SMALL GROUP GONG WASH session, any time 10AM-midnight; 90+/- minutes (including intention setting) = $300 (plus travel)

(2) YOGA STUDIOS/ CHURCHES / IN-YOUR-HOME, etc=$300 guarantee (+mileage @ 50cents/mi) vs 60% of ticket sales.  I arrive to set up an hour before start time. I typically talk/set intentions for 15-20 minutes, then lead for an hour, then closure for 10-15 minutes=90 minutes total, but I'm willing to make things longer or shorter to fit your needs. I bring my highest game. Besides my music-gear, I often bring 12 yoga mats, 10 large cushions, 30 small pillows, and 30 eyemasks. You assess the ticket price for your market, typically $25advance, $30door, or $20/25, or $30/35. I promote the event on our website, in my newsletter; you should do the same. Plus you (or I) create a Facebook event page.


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