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"A great experience! Released stagnation both physical and spiritual."

"Preston, you are always very generous with your presence, your energy, your ability to give fully in the session. It was wonderful and I will definitely be back for more."

I love regular Swedish massage, and I loved vibrational sound massage too! I felt releases of pent-up energy. My aura was massaged, and my chakras too. I'm lighter now and more grounded."

Got a wonderful, clearing and relaxing Vibrational Sound Massage from Preston today. I was amazed at how relaxed I became! After just 30 minutes, I felt more zen than I have after some one hour massages. I felt refreshed inside and out!"

"Stunning and transportive."


"Sorry about all the crying. I was in such a safe space with you, and you were 100% present for me. That made a difference. I hold resistance in my body, so my right side was not not feeling the vibration, then about half-way thru the session it all opened up and the energy flowed freely. When you worked on my shoulder I saw a very white light! Lots of releasing."

"I'm a therapist and I've tried all kinds of modalities, but nothing like this before. I like to lay on the beach and unwind. It takes me awhile. This Zen Bed is like day 4 on the sand in Mexico. I'm so relaxed now - I'm like a puddle! I don't wanna get up."






"Massages are too rough, and I rarely relax. Your sound massage put me in a dream state sometimes, and either fully present or knocked out at other times. But I was always relaxed. Best massage I've ever had!"

"Having been opened by each of the bowls' vibrations on different locations on/in my energetic body, the crowning moment was your mammoth bowl right on my belly - my breath changed and my heart pounded. After releasing  laughter, I could feel the intense and very serious power of having vibration tune that center. Words erupted out of me without thought, and a rush of relief and an infusion of energy was beautiful and awesome. I can continue living my life with compassion, and I will remember this awesome moment. THANK YOU for helping me on my journey!"


"Thanks for the opening prayer and the sound therapy. Wishing you many, many more happy and satisfied clients."

"I would like my friends to consider setting some time with Preston. His very presence shines love on everyone around him. He's offering to share his healing skills and I can't think of anyone that wouldn't benefit from this. Please take advantage of this awesome opportunity."

"Preston is so gifted. My body loved the session. It opened up areas in my body that I could feel weren't flowing. Pain left my back. I have never felt so energetically balanced with energy flowing. Delightful and powerful. Highly recommended.

"I feel great. No more back stiffness or pain. I can't wait to see what continues to happen. There is shifting going up and out -  a very good sign. Whole body in balance. This what I asked for and more."

"An acoustic massage from the inside out. Went deep through the skin down to the bones. Very soothing. Lots of textures and visuals cropped up in my mind."

"I experienced the deep state of relaxation."


"The mammoth Grounding Bowl did just that - incredibly grounding."

"I got lost in the sound and vibrations. Peaceful. For half a minute after the session I was not able to comprehend where I was? Leaving, I felt clear and refreshed, smiling."

"Very relaxing. Each strike of the bowl, used throughout my body, put me in a deeper meditative state. My only regret was it was 30 minutes, next time it will be 60."

"Each tap on the bowl resonated with a healing hum that vibrated my chakras back into alignment... leaving me so deeply relaxed (that I may have even snored a bit)."


"What wonderful moments simply observing my friend's "Vibrational Sound Massage". I highly recommend everyone call for an appointment. She is still glowing from her experience!"

"I had so much energy afterwards, and a wonderful nights dreaming sleep. Today I feel new and different. Seeing all with fresh eyes and heart. My Vibrational Sound Massage was a wonderful experience. I loved it!"

"Preston placed numerous bowls on my body, and each vibration helped my spirit find safety. It was a struggle, my mind was chattering at me, I had so much anger. And yet I was in this healing space, I felt it to my bones. I encountered an aspect in myself I did not like and had to address: my anger. I was so angry at someone, and so righteous about my anger. Preston shared: "Hurt people hurt people." Until I looked at my own violence I was trapped. But I had a vision to help me through the dark depths of my own anger. Hurt people hurt people, systems of violence perpetuate themselves. I have work to do. That's what I got out of my healing session with Vibrational Sound Massage."



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Vibrational Sound Association



★ ★★ ★



"Back in the 1990s, I was putting in 750 stents a year,” Dr. Guarneri says. Then Dean Ornish, one of the first and best-known researchers of lifestyle medicine, asked her to help him with a study.

“We took very sick heart patients and taught them yoga and meditation, changed their diet, put them in support groups, and got them exercising. And we started to see a 91 percent reduction in chest pain. We were actually able to reverse plaque in people’s arteries.”


Since then, Guarneri has been convinced that eliminating stress is as important as diet and exercise. “Most physicians are not taught about stress-reduction techniques for health,” she told me. She cited recent research from the American Heart Association journal Circulation.


“There’s a five-year study on Transcendental Meditation that’s well controlled and shows a 48 percent reduction for heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. To me that’s medicine. Meditation is medicine.”

^ Mammoth Grounding Bowl + My Certification ^

60 minutes = $60-$80 (pay as you wish)


Zen Bed (Vibrational
Sound Therapy)

(private, by appointment) 

ZEN BED (vibrational sound therapy) sessions are one-on-one on a massage table. Zen Therapeutic Grade singing bowls are placed directly on the client's (fully clothed) body. We humans are mostly water, and the singing bowls' vibrations, on front or back, are a sensory delight and a relaxing and gentle vibrational body-massage for torso, arms, and legs.

(Note: If two people attend, one can listen-watch while the other experiences the vibrations.)

I recently completed my 56-hour certification course with the Vibrational Sound Association. For some, Zen Bed is a very relaxing and stress-relieving modality, aligning our natural psycho-physical frequencies in a subtle and naturally resonant way, facilitating deep peacefulness and solace.

"Everything in my body was simply tuning into the original vibrations, and the vibes of the bowls gently guided my tissues back into correct alignment."

Others are compelled into a "twilight" zone, somewhere between waking and dreaming, where fresh creative ideas may surface into consciousness, and old stories may be dissolved, dis-created, and released.

"I was in a dream-like state but wasn't sleeping. This trance produced vivid visions that came up naturally as I allowed myself to rest deeper and receive the vibrations with a quiet mind."

I purchased five new bowls ($2000) to facilitate my exciting Zen Bed (vibrational sound massage) modality. Four of the bowls are finely crafted (and rare) Zen Therapeutic Grade Himalayan bowls, newly on the market. During my certification week, surrounded by 400 bowls, I spent much time having them played on my (and others') body, and I chose the best bowls available for my practice. NOTE: Zen Therapeutic Grade bowls are designed with a flatter bottom in order to make fuller contact with the body. They also resonate a bit more than usual "Tibetan" bowls, and send more vibration downward with a bit less sound.

"I loved the exquisite quality of the Zen Therapeutic bowls on my body - their more refined sound quality really helped move me into a very deep space. And your presence, the way you explain what you are doing, and the affirmative intro statement all helped me feel relaxed, safe, and happy to open and receive."

I also took ownership of a heavy, mammoth Grounding Bowl which vibrates powerfully on the foot of the table (not on the body) during every session. Its resonance is felt throughout the table, and therefore throughout one's body.

"I especially loved the big Grounding Bowl.  Its deep, rich & resonant sound took me deeper and deeper every time you struck it. I was feeling especially stressed, so I was happy to find myself lighter, more rested and more at peace when we were through."

The mammoth Grounding Bowl is sometimes used in a short Grounding Ritual: the bare footed client stands in the bowl as it is activated on four quadrants, while a smaller Zen Therapeutic bowl "scans" the body top-to-bottom twelve times. It's easy to expereience both a wondrous thrill and a sense of focused and pure presence during this ceremony.

Sound massage sessions (for relaxation and stress removal) take place on my comfortable and customized massage table in the Zen Den room of our home, in Evanston.

"The environment is absolutely beautiful and vibrant, serene and spa-like. I immediately started to relax the minute I hit the doorway."

60 minutes = $60-$80 (pay as you wish)


Can Sound Heal?

Composer Aaron Copland said:
"Is there healing in music?
My answer is 'Yes.'
Can I state in so many words what the healing is?
My answer is 'No.'"


I too believe sound can help us heal, but not like penicillin or Emily's CranialSacral Therapy, of course.

Within Mystery/Consciousness there is a subset called "the material world".
Science is a revealing and wonderful tool for subjects that can be measured.
But the Spiritual Being called human?
There's more to us than the material.
And sound vibration is one portal to the intuitive realms, the "energy worlds" pre- (and post-) words/rationality/science.

I do what I can to help heal and purify you of psycho-physical wounds, helping you to reach more deeply, to transform from mere homo sapiens into the emerging Homo Illuminatus.
A Luminous Being is healthy and translucent, fully living from and AS the Divine Light within.
I'd like to help you access that realization.

- Preston

Preston Klik's Zen Bed (vibrational sound therapy)

Chapel Of Sacred Sounds, 600 Hartrey, Evanston IL
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