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"SYNesthesia" plus "euPHORIA" = SYNPHORIA A blending-of-the-senses meets bliss = SYNPHORIA!" Or...
Synphoria (verb): when a stimulus applied to any one Chakra activates Expansive Love and Affinity in the Heart Chakra.

Synphoria is open-hearted celebration centered  around the sharing of creativity within the context of spiritual intention.

Spirit expresses in many ways: intentions, prayer, art, music, dance, silk-flag spinning, guided meditation, story-telling. 

We bring out the best and brightest Light in each person present. In essence, Synphoria becomes a (non-sexual) living-breathing permission-granting environment to grow one's own Higher Self, and nurture another's.


  * * *

This could be the heart-centered space that your heart has been seeking.

We combine the energies of Creative self expression, Spirituality, and Community in a Highly celebratory fashion. 

We co-create this community (including you!) of creative, loving, gifted, open-hearted beings. Synphoria is sensual (entices the senses), but never sexual.


What will you get out of joining us? A deeper connection with your own Divinity, connections with more amazing spirits, like you! In fact, Synphoria is a pivotal event for some attendees.  It facilitates a kind of transformation, for Synphoria is designed to a create new Possibility by immersing one's self in a palpable energy of love, acceptance, self-expression, and community.

"Had a simply FABULOUS time last night! So wonderful to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, eat some meal worms and pickled garlic, and laugh uncontrollably while Preston tries to do his magic trick. Thank you for creating such a remarkable event/space/community-nucleus which attracts so many amazing and wonderful people to it. You inspire me and I'm so grateful for what each of you and the community have added to my life."
"You receive and give exactly what you need there. This time I needed less dancing and more connecting with people. It was great to meet so many heart centered and inspired beings."
"Your new home grows more beautiful by the day. Emily and Preston, you are incredible. I love you so much, and thank you for all the work you have put into making your home and our lives a beautiful place."
I can't thank you enough for such a healing night!!! Synphoria got me in touch with moments from my teens and twenties when I felt deeply loved. All these instances of being intensely loved by friends, teachers, and lovers, moved through my consciousness, bringing tears of immense joy and gratitude. At the end of the experience, I understood more deeply that love is all it's about on this planet, and I felt more attuned to the possibilities for showing my love more freely going forward. Thank you for creating such a heart-centered, healing space. I love what you bring to the world. I love who you are!"
"I was close to empty, but now I am filled and spilling over. So much gratitude to the Kliks and every beautiful soul present. The magic of Synphoria truly has ascended to the next level."

"This was my first Synphoria in years, and I was as blown away by the people and the space as I was the first time I ever set foot into your home!"
"I've traveled the world. 5 continents, 20 countries, and I've played music in most of them. People ask me 'What's the most interesting place you've ever played?' Now I can answer 'Preston and Emily Klik's home' - I've never seen anything like it!"
"Last night, my mind was blown at Synphoria. When I was invited to play at this gathering I had no clue what to expect. I am happy to have gone in with no expectations, only to end up bewildered and amazed. Preston & Emily have turned their home into a giant art project. I met so many amazing people and the vibes were wonderful.

A few years ago, I stopped going to music festivals as a spectator due to copious amounts of drug/alcohol use leaving a dark energy. After witnessing a young girl OD and die, I left the world of drugs, alcohol, and music festivals and didn't look back.

THIS positive energy was what all music festivals could strive for. If every party had the good, clean vibes of your home, the world would be a better place.

The Kliks have vision! In the sacred space, they have created something truly special and I can't wait to come back again! I am still buzzing from all the wonderful vibes!"

"There is nothing quite like the emotional high after a blessed experience at your home, and being around all you magical people. Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are all amazing."

"What an incredible evening, Emily and Preston!!! You have outdone yourselves! Your home, the energy, the performers - everything was perfect and wonderful!"
"Words cannot even begin to describe the overwhelming experience of your home. Photos cannot capture the majesty, video cannot convey the pure magic & delight…it is an unexplainable enigma one must experience in person to fully understand & appreciate & is unquestionable proof that we are only limited by our imagination.
I, like so many others, feel a greater sense of purpose & optimistic renewal for the future because of you. I find myself in awe of how significant & perceptible the power of manifesting intention can be, and what one can accomplish with vision, focus, determination, enthusiasm & positive spirit. I am inspired to be more expressive of my admiration & appreciation for the countless unbelievable beings I have met in my life. I have often found it difficult to openly voice my gratitude & recognition to those I care for, and it is experiences like Synphoria that fully demonstrate the value of doing so.

I thank Emily & Preston for sharing such an amazing space that brought together such brilliant, honest, beautiful souls. Their ability to transform complete chaos into a magical healing wonder is nigh unparalleled. Truly, the world is a better, brighter, more hopeful place for them creating this beacon of inspiration, faith & creativity."


"Recognizing the divinity of all creation,
I honor the sacred within each person.
There is much in life that is hallowed and treasured.
Even as I take part in the practice
of this sacred rite of celebration,
I remember what is truly sacred:
the presence of Spirit, my inner divine nature,
and the divine nature of all others surrounding me, joining me.
All of us are expressions of Spirit's presence
- as are the billions of people not joining us tonight.
Recognizing the divinity of all creation,
I honor the sacred nature of the cultural practices
that help people bond in Spirit.
I participate in this gathering
and honor all that is sacred within me
and those around me.
- Namaste'"

Preston & Emily Klik's home

600 Hartrey #11,
Evanston IL 60202
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