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Hello Beloved!!!


Where to start?

We start with the supposition that the world needs more Love, which mean individuals need to receive - and give - more Love.

We start with the supposition that everyone wants more healthy relationships: honest, forthright, game-free, nurturing.

Relationships... more quality AND more quantity.


One more supposition: When we give and receive more healthy Love, when we have more healthy relationships, we beging to self-express more fully in loving ways.


We believe we are co-creating a kind of Heaven on earth.

That is a bold statement.

But it is time for bold statements.

And especially bold actions.

And if we what we say is true, if we are creating a kind of Heaven on earth, that means that EVERYONE who attends our events (that means you and the friends you bring) are Heaven-sent.

That's right, you will co-create Heaven with us - here, now, tangibly.


That's what WE believe.

That's what we are dedicated to.

That's what we are committed to.

We also believe that when we put our Heavenly energy together, that powerful and sacred energy grows beyond the mere walls in which we celebrate and moves out and touches our whole community.

It reaches around the world to those we know and Love.And that circle is GROWING.


The people at our gatherings are the catalyst for each-other (and for us), giving our hearts permission to GLOW like they usually do not.

Once that Spirit-fire is turned up, we are not so interested in turning our Lights back down.

And that creates a little more Light in our daily world.


So, join us in body, in spirit, in mind, in heart.

We await your presence, which is a Gift to all mankind,.

And to Spirit Itself.


Many blessings.

- Emily & Preston Klik



"When you want to believe in something,

you also have to believe in everything that's necessary for believing in it."

- Ugo Betti


What are we really demanding of ourselves, of each-other?

The way I see it... we are demanding Heaven.
Heaven not as a place, but Heaven as a state,

or an orientation.
Heaven is an approach to - a response to - all that arises.
Grounded in the Possibility of living Heaven,
our world is transformed.
And to settle for anything less would be to
settle for a state of being less than Heaven.

We are human beings.
What is it we are being as humans?
Often I am a human being frustrated,
or a human being stopped by circumstances.
Often I am a human being reasonable.
But consider:
Most often it is an unreasonable human who make a difference,
a human being unreasonable (not stopped by their reasons),
but a human committed to making a difference.
Unreasonably committed.
Allowing Heaven to live through them,
allowing Heaven to live AS them
on a moment-by-moment basis

- now that's a difference!

Consider taking on living as a human BEING.

Consider living a life where the Divine shows up

on a regular basis.
At every opportunity you show Love, you BE Love.
A human BEING Love,

not stopped by your reasons to be not-Love,
but honoring instead your commitment to The Divine!
How does that sound?
You as Love?  You as Happiness?
You as the creator of your world, your life,

co-creating Heaven on Earth.
A human Being Heaven.
What would heaven look like?
Perhaps like a few people gathered together with

intentions of Love and consciousness and healing fully present.
Perhaps sitting in contemplation, but buzzing, alive,

sharing activities and talents with eachother.
Perhaps as a healing of the pain body,
and an energizing of the Bliss-Body.

We love that we all creativfely self-express,
especially together in our permission-granting meditations.

We do it without overwhelming each other,
without becoming a 'stop' for the other.
We love it when we hear someone say
"I've never felt so free to be ME before!"
And we love you so much for being more fully YOU.

Yes, we are perfect and whole Children of Light,
but with barriers to our Self-expression.
Our meditations are designed to remove those barriers,

even if temporarily.
There is permission granted to live large,
to Love without hesitation,
to create in body/mind/spirit, together as community...
Creative Love, Passion for life, and nurturing Healing.

In your life, commit to Love and Light, take on your life as expansion...and creation.
In that way of being human,
your heart and mind will literally encompass more,
and Love more, and Light more.

Be ever more truly human, which is to say, be ever more...

truly Divine.

Preston & Emily

Preston & Emily Klik


Temple Synphorium

600 Hartrey #11,
Evanston IL 60202
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