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was a public SOBER 18-and-over conscious-dance celebration. We co-create the Possibility of loving self-expression in a safe and creative environment of like-minded/ like-spirited individuals coming together as an ever evolving community.




Give Peace A Dance!
Conscious dance party
Produced at ManKind Project from May 2008 - August 2013

To you... our dear Dancers, Friends, Chosen Family... THANK YOU FOR CELEBRATING WITH US FOR SO LONG!! It was our pleasure and honor to have hosted 113 consecutive celebrations, starting with Eight:18 at Unity (2003-2008), continuing with Give Peace a Dance at MKP(2008-2013).


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To the many people who have volunteered, on staff, and/or part of any of our teams... healers, intuitives, performers, bellydancers, drummers, setup/cleanup, security ...everyone who has added your energy to make our beloved celebrations so awe-inspiring... PAST AND PRESENT..... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your contributions to our shared community space will never be forgotten.



STAFF & VOLUNTEERS: Bob Nicholas, Hazel L'Aura G (and Chuck), Chris Pulikowski, Taylor Ford, Thistle, Al Rush, Andrea Sherry, Chaldean (RIP), Javier Sanchez, Jonathan Silverstein, Kevin Korody, Sasha Elizabeth Grimwade, Shelly Kaczor, Derek Needles Selzer, Subtle Sounds (Mark, Bob and Mike), White Grizzly, and more.


HEALERS & INTUITIVES: Randy Cummins, Ann Marie Klaft, Jen Halman, Daniel Hawkins, Erin Dunscomb, Rebecca Schoeneker, John Sacelli...


PLUS Aaron Manning, Ada Ferrell, Adam Broder, Andrew Fritz, Angela Carini, Annette Queyquep, Arek, Aria Norman, Azula Blue, Barret Hedeen, Biz Huiras, Bozena + Beata, Bruce Mocking, Carleen Ashton, Cathleen Fitspatrick, Celest a'Leah, Cesar Tena, Cobra Thomas, Connie Stepanek, Corinne Sanders, Dan Wilke, Daniel Reiher, Maureen Riley, Danielle Hopkins, David Lakein, Debbie Potirala, Diamond, Earon Davis, Eric Majeski, Erik LaBelle, Frances Swaine, Galen, Glenda Beviglia, Greg Cohen, Guy Hensel (RIP), Heather Bolin, Heather Fraelick, Irma Deniz, Jack Ryan, Jasmati, Jean Shinners, Jeff Bogusz, Jeff Dick, Jeff Gilbert, Jen Vera, Jennifer Berman, Jia Khechari, Juan Alzate, Julian Lozano, Karen Foley, Karyna Moreno, Kat Fitzgerald, Ken Glowaki, Kyanne Wilson, Laura Rose Boyle, Laurel Paffhouse, Liz Mietus, Louise Cloutier, Lynda Chick, Mark Brewer, Mark Mandrake, Marla Schuman, Mary Carol Smith, Matt Detrick, Matthew Churney, Melissa Sandfort, Menachem, Michelle Ferry, Mike Welzin, Mr. Vibe, Nan Actipes, Nancy Vela, Neale Baldyga, Oshen, Owen Poindexter, Pam Reich, Paul Diguida, Paul Naujokas, Phil Blaetz, Rauf Abdillah, Rich Lipscomb, Richard Dempsey, Robert Milewicz, Rosine Andre, Ruth Weisen, Ryan Lee, Sara Vanin, Sarah Jardine, Sarah McLaughlin, Scott Hirstenstein, Seven Saba, Shane Bolin, Sharon Mathieu, Shiva Anand, Simon Jay, Stephen Dynako, Terry Walt, Tina Coleman, Tom Morris, Tracy Fox, Verdarluz, Walt Ingvoldstadt, Yohan Yohan. And probably more, sorry for anyone I forgot.


FIRE DANCERS: Chris Pulikowski, Colin Breen, Rich Jarrow, Sebastian Bean, Shannara Bathory, Shelby Rothman, and our many fire dancers past and present... Amourena Tsokatos, Avi Chertok, BK Ellison, Crystal Pistol, Konstantin Bondarenko, Dan Hoy, Deez GlassInk, Jodie Arranas, Josh Baigelman, Josh Baigelman, Karima Abidine, Kate Krimzen, Katie Forbes, KJ Irwin, Kristina Krovania, Lisa “NINJA” Wiederman, Manya, Jim Parker, Michael Mauch, Michael Trahey, Nick Dwyer, Rayne, Simon Jay, Stephania Muizquiz, Sylar Brodie, Tara Scheiben, Taylor Entwistle


BELLYDANCERS: Read My Hips, Blue Cat Tribe.Eight:18 PERFORMERS: Rev Ed Townley, DJ Scorpio, Elana Brutman, KC Mendicino, Margo Anand, Meg Anderson, Ora Uzel, Sonia Choquette

DRUMMERS: While we are very grateful to have provided you with a drumming space for 10 solid years, from 2003-2013, future celebrations will not include drumming (too loud for Evanston). Sorry about that.Our BIG THANKS to Hazel for being our Drum-Goddess for so long!!


CLOSING CEREMONY MUSICIANS: Kyle Servais, Tazdeen Rashid, Nick Florino


A special thank you to Cobra Thomas who led us to MKP as an awesome venue! Thank you MKP for the use of your wonder-full space.


And lastly... THANK YOU... dancers, attendees, volunteers, staff, healers, intuitives, drummers, huggers...You have left wonderful rhythmic impressions on our hearts and spirits. We hope that you have experienced inspiration, healing, welcome, and love in our Chosen Family community.


Preston and Emily Klik

Your GPAD Producers





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