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Giant-Gong Meditation by Preston Klik
at Andy's

3139 N. Elston, Chicago IL

(no refunds, but you may give your RSVP to a friend)
Doors @7pm, no entry after 7:30, ends 9, hang-out until 10
• Limited to about 25 advance tickets
Questions?, text/call 773.728.2787 noon-midnight
• Free & easy parking on Elston and side streets.

There's a magical, hidden musical warehouse-museum in Chicago, filled with thousands of strange and esoteric instruments, both new and old, ancient and modern, from around the globe. Some are for sale, some are museum pieces. All are viewable and touchable (NOT behind glass!), densely stacked, mounted and hung and strung from floor to ceiling, with narrow meandering "alley ways" for one to wander and peruse. It is not of this world, and yet ...
I was astonished when I visited, shaking with inspiration and delight afterward. The owner recently cleared out a bit of space in the center, layered it with deeply plush antique oriental rugs, and invited me to perform live music within this amazing musical menagerie! A dream come true. So...


I will play the LARGEST GONG made - an 80inch-round monster Symphonic gong; it is very rare and very expensive ($32,600)! Plus I'll play other gongs and monochards and more.
No food or alcohol; bottles with secure lids are welcome.
• The carpeting is comfy and plush; some yoga mats, cushions, pillows, bakjaks, and chairs will be provided.

Bring your fave blanket/pillow if you want.
Wear comfy odor-free / clean clothes and socks, please.

• Andy's (private) Museum houses an abundance of harpsichords, didgeridoos, ouds, lutes, violins, sitars, tanpuras, frame drums, djembes, darbukas, bodhrans, tablas, dunduns, riqs, washboards, and bells small and large. Dozens upon dozens of wind gongs, chau gongs, and Paiste Planet and Symphonic gongs. Ukeleles, guitars, berimbaus, mbiras, zithers, dulcimers, harps, autoharps. Native American flutes, shakuhatchis, metal flutes, Chinese flutes. Clarinets, neys, fujaras, shofar ram's horns, harmonicas, harmoniums. Crystal and gold singing bowls, Korean and Himalayan temple bowls, hand-hammered and lathe-cut meditation bowls. Tongue drums, tank-drums, hand-pans, xylophones. Whistles, bleeters, bull-roarers, bulb-horns, meditation chimes, and wind-chimes ranging from tiny to huge (8ft!). Ting-shaws, tingly bells, shakeres, djorges, shakers and rattles and tambourines, bows, 50+ kinds of mallets and wands, and so many more things I can't remember off the top of my head.

Preston & Emily Klik

600 Hartrey #11,
Evanston IL 60202
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PrestonKlik@aol dot com


EmilyKlik@yahoo dot com



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"You have found your calling in life: creating the sacred space in which others can find their own inner guidance and healing."

"It was a pleasure to have the experience wash over us. The soundscapes you provide are  truly unique."

"I've never heard your gong skills before - fantastic. An amazing event at such an awesome venue."

"You created a transformational vortex-window beyond time and space. I am forever appreciative."

"I'm so grateful - it was truly one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I'll always cherish it."

"Amazing - I needed it more than I realized!"
"You are a blessing to the world!"

• Come prepared to have your mind blown by the sheer beauty and wonder of so many gorgeous instruments!
- Preston Klik

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