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Native-American Flute Meditation
(group, personal, couple)

DreamCatcher is a very melodic Earth-based multi-media musical meditation. For an hour, you will be transported by the beautiful organic sounds of NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES, CRYSTAL BOWLS, NATURE RECORDINGS OF BIRDS/ BROOKS/ COYOTES/RAIN, the scent of Palo Santo, and an INSPIRING VIDEO ACCOMPANIMENT.

Come, dream-journey with us, engage your imagination by taking a vacation to the lush forests and flowering plains. Put down roots in fertile soil even as your spirit soars on high-winds like an eagle. Commune with your Nature, allowing the Great Spirit to restore centering, balance, and psycho-spiritual health to your body and heart-mind.

DreamCatcher's Sequence of Metaphorical Events:
Music of the spheres / cycles of big time >
Birth: this mortal manifest realm >
Awkwardly discovering voice (& wings) >
Full expression: singing (& flying) gracefully >
Maya: loneliness / separation >
Storm: dark night of the soul >
Rebirth: re-cognition of Spirit / revelation >
New dawn: consciously choosing the web of life >
Rest: renewal / contentment / gratitude

(1) I am not a master of the wooden flutes, but I do make dreamy, transporting sound-paintings.

(2) No one's ever asked if I'm Native American, but to be clear: I'm not. The Great Spirit is in touch with me, and I love the simple melodic-ness (and bird sounds) the flutes make. Plus I honor what little I know about Earth-based spiritualities. Simply put: As an artist, I'm inspired.

(VIDEO) DreamCatcher "WaterOf Life"


(1) Yoga Studios/ Festivals/ Churches/ etc = $300 vs 60% of tickets (+travel). Private in-your-home = $250 (Chicago) vs 60% (+travel).


(2) PERSONAL or COUPLES DreamCatcher sessions are held any time 10AM-midnight: $250


(3) DreamCatcher GIFT CERTIFICATES are available.

Can Sound Heal?

Composer Aaron Copland said: "Is there healing in music? My answer is 'Yes.' Can I state in so many words what the healing is? My answer is 'No.'"


I too believe sound can help us heal, but not like penicillin or Emily's CranialSacral Therapy, of course.

Within Mystery/Consciousness there is a subset called "the material world". Science is a revealing and wonderful tool for subjects that can be measured. But the Spiritual Being called human? There's more to us than the material. And sound vibration is one portal to the intuitive realms, the "energy worlds" pre- (and post-) words/rationality/science.

I do what I can to help heal and purify you of psycho-physical wounds, helping you to reach more deeply, to transform from mere homo sapiens into the emerging Homo Illuminatus. A Luminous Being is healthy and translucent, fully living from and AS the Divine Light within. I'd like to help you access that realization.

Namaste' - Preston

Preston Klik's DreamCatcher




"I've had an unsolvable problem on my mind. Within minutes of starting DreamCatcher, I went into a meditative space of emptiness. And in that space a solution appeared. Thank you!"


"You do a great deed for us, as evidenced by the member's faces after your performances. We never see them that calm, relaxed or at peace except when you're here. You make a difference here." - New Foundations for the Mentally Ill

"DreamCatcher was transformational. I felt waves surrounding everyone, connecting with Mother Earth. My vision of a beautiful cosmic blue butterfly was a fantastic experience!"

"I just had the most wonderful experience with some amazing people at Dreamcatcher Sound Healing with Preston Klik. I absolutely love his gong washes but I must say that I absolutely loved this sound healing that much more! Along with his beautiful N.A. flutes and crystal bowls he had the most beautiful soundtrack of Mother Nature playing in the background - it automatically sent me to a place where I was walking in the woods, listening to the birds singing and the babbling stream as I walked by with beautiful sunlight shining upon my face. Awesome!"

"I journeyed, I was moved, & I wanted to move... just sway & rock & roll (which I did). The sounds & of the Native American flutes really 'got inside me', & I found it hard to lay still. I REALLY enjoyed DreamCatcher!"


"DreamCatcher is a masterpiece involving original Native American flutes & visual art, incorporating ambient sound effects & video. This is an incredibly meditative & transcendent experience."

"DreamCatcher was a deeply spiritual experience, transforming my consciousness - a connecting experience. I was in a meditative state, holding deep peace & reverence for nature & simplicity. I was transported to a sacred space. What imagination & creative energy - beautiful!"

"Very calming & meditative, I lost all sense of time & space, untethered from the physical. DreamCatcher is a very good space to reside. "


"Wow. Beautiful, Divine Sound. Such a profound experience of being One with the whole. Thank you from my heart, my soul."


"I loved the flute music mingling with the singing bowls, and the morphing videos. The environment Preston creates for his performance is part of the experience. Even weeks later the memory made my body sigh and feel the peace and the whole blissful experience again. We all could use what he created – a secure corner in our minds to visit anywhere, any time, again and again."


"Loved loved loved DreamCatcher! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness."


"Your DreamCatcher performance was absolutely wonderful!!!" - G2


"Simply beautiful."


"Fabulous. DreamCatcher is so different from Ocean Of Devotion, and just as healing!"


"It was wonderful to host Preston Klik's DreamCatcher at the Edgewater Farmers Market. His artistic abilities and unique style of music transformed the space, and people have been asking for his return. It was one of those times where you feel in your heart that 'Today is such a wonderful day' because of the musical vibrations calming your senses."


"DreamCatcher was a soothing ride to another level of peace and tranquility. Preston's music transformed the atmosphere and induced good vibrations in the crowd. It is truly worth experiencing and will brighten any day, leaving you feeling better and calm. I can't wait to experience it all again!"



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