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THE DEDICATED MEDITATION is a guided meditation / musical event, based on a various themes: THE 7 HEAVENLY SYNS, or THE SYNFUL CREATION OF A HUMAN BEING, or THE 7 ASCENDING & DESCENDING CHAKRAS.

* * *

THE DEDICATED MEDITATION is a powerful guided-experiential meditation led by Emily & Preston, featuring Preston's 7-part musical cd called "Dedicated To The One EYE Love". They will create a heart-evoking intention designed to open your energy channels to Earth and Universe. You will achieve a deeper connection to your Source, and set a personal intention for your Self.

Chapter 1 We will share words of guidance, offering you 7 windows to let the Light through... 7 doors you can enter to be with The Beloved... 7 veils you may lift to witness reality, which is Love Incarnate... 7 ways of being that bring the Higher You into manifestation. Activating any of these will add Divine Love to your life, and to your relationships. Love is the True Identity of your Authentic Self, and THE DEDICATED MEDITATION will lead to more Love, individually and collectively.

Chapter 2 The music will act as your guide. Our original recording, called DEDICATED TO THE ONE EYE LOVE, will lead you on a deeply personal spiritual journey. This music is a sonic cathedral, built to aim to that which is Higher, to The Divine, to our Higher Selves. This journey is revealed within you over the course of 60 minutes, engaging your psycho-physical being in a kind of dialog about who you are, but more importantly - who you might become. You will hear the voice of the ethereal angelic goddess, a solitary beseeching Christian monk, the tribal rythms of the shamanic didjeridoo, the black earth mother, while heart-centered saxophone ascends to the spheres above, weeping steel guitar sings the gentle emotions of the heart, a posse of percussionists propel you - the spiritual warrior - forward in your journey toward The Light, a wooden zen flute brings Asia's bamboo forests to mind.


* * *


"Thank you! lilac thanks! frog thanks! soaring thanks! *laughing* it's so fun to be silly. I LOVED THE DEDICATED MEDITATION. So many changes and evolutions are happening in my life; that music, that experience, is exactly what I craved. I've been listening to Dedicated To The One EYE Love CD as I lay with the crystals and at the same moment (just about when the didg starts, I waft off into a space that is quite limitless and extraordinary) - What a gift! I am so grateful. I appreciate your VastNess of Being, your Love of Life, and your Commitment to share, to Give, and to EvoLVe. You are beyond the borders and entirely, effervescently exquisite. magically, Laurel"


"THE SEVEN HEAVENLY SYNS was so deeply healing. when i am at this temple that is otherwise your home (THE SYNPHORIUM), i have only the urge to facilitate and be healed. last night was so lovely!!! it really helped stimulate my neurons to fire back into those places of creativity, generosity & joy. it really made me feel like i was not alone. everything Preston has been writing about, everything that many of us have been writing about... the synchronicity can be eerie. the universe has such a divine way of placing everything in it's right place.i certainly look forward to inviting more people to our gatherings & celebrations, but i know they have to be a yes! i couldn't see why or how anyone wouldn't enjoy such an atmosphere, but i can understand it's not for everyone. i feel very blessed to be part of our community... like water for a budding flower in the garden. and months from now when i finish my service, i hope my effloresce can be even more a part of the brilliance! thank heavens for you and your husband. bless all of the wonderful people you've attracted. congratulations, rather! THANK YOU! all my love, J ~


* * *



DEDICATED CD is one of the most beautiful creations. It took me away, I love when that happens. - Christopher


Awesome cd! But you may want to include the cautionary label "Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this cd; however, pregnant mothers, or those wiching to become pregnant, should indeed listen." What a treat! What a journey! - Diamand


I used the CD to wind down last night, and am listening now. It is an incredible journey, an obvious work of love, and something I am pleased I was able to contribute to. Thank you. It quiets the mind while at the same time invigorating it; Begs one to listen intently to the soul and, as you say, the Source. Amazing. Thank you both again for your love and inspiration! - Vallery

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