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"Preston and Emily work beautifully together creating deeply healing and invigorating environments. They create soft places within the concrete jungle - places to see and commune with your Higher Self in the reflection of other like-spirited folks. I have had opportunities to perform and work on my craft, both spiritual and technically, at their events. My friend Paul told me "Meg, you'll want to know these people." And indeed I am grateful. I tell you the same thing!" - Meg

"One day our paths will cross again. What you and Emily have shared I carry in my heart every day." - Eric  L


"Thank you both for giving Synthesis, Synphoria, Eight:18, etc to the community in the name of Love. You are so wonderfully creative, talented, motivated, loving, and welcoming! I am very grateful to have you in my life and to be a part of this loving community." - Jenna


"WOW. What a year. DIVINE CHOICE AND DIVINE DESTINY. I had a dream... I was in a room, with a thousand dancing lights and a giant treasure chest.. and I walked up to it and it opened and out spilled thousands of sparkling gems and crystals like a waterfall... I was completely speachless... they were dazzling... it wasn't the jewels that impressed me, it was the LIGHT that PLAYED in them, BETWEEN THEM. We all have the possibility of being and seeing all those sparkling facets in our lifetime, in ourselves, in others. Synthesis and Synphoria are among the treasure-chests of dancing souls on this earth, between heaven and earth. Thank you both for all of your gifts to each other and to our world. LOVE!!!!" - Azula


"THANK YOU both SOOOO much for doing what you do!! You guys do an INCREDIBLE amount of work, and I can never thank you enough for everything you guys have given me. Coming to know you has been a HUGE blessing. Getting to you know your friends and their friends has been ASTOUNDING. I didn't think Heaven could be a place on earth until I met you two and saw what you do on a regular basis. You make a huge difference in the world, and the evidence of that is in abundance around you. I celebrate the oneness of your Divinity with all of creation. Namaste" - Jesse


"Breathtaking! Exciting! I can't tell you how extremely blessed and beyond otherworldly blissful I feel to know you both and be part of the community that webs around you. It's quite beyond magical and extraordinary and everything I could and have ever hoped for from life. I feel a good pinch or two is necessary now and then (wink) to take it all in and believe this beautiful reality, this dreamy tonic, this ethereal beverage that is life. Indeed. Yummy. THANK YOU for being the delightful, mythic creations that you are!" - Laurel


"Dearest Emily, I love your Beauty both inside and outI love your Truth both within and aboveI love your Strength both powerful and gentleI love your Wisdom both ancient and newI love your Courage both fierce and kindI love who you ARE both divine and human....Loving you more and more" - Ka Li


"I am so proud of your courage and passion. You two produce an incredible amount of beauty. I am blown away by how much focus and love and energy you devote to your art and marriage and life. You are both an unending inspiration and I am forever grateful to know you and feel a closeness to you. A million hugs." - Amy B

a bit about Preston & Emily Klik


"We have dedicated our lives to each-other, and to our Work.

We are well-expressed as Spirit, and one of our roles is to facilitate others to find themSelves - and their Voices - via loving self-expression.

We are both humbled and proud that Spirit uses us to do this Work.

Unity says 'Do what is yours to do.'

Indeed, we do what is ours to do.

We are a stand for our on-going transformation, and also for yours."

- Emily & Preston


Preston and Emily first met in the beautiful garden at Unity Chicago after the 1st "Eight:18 - Circus of the Spirit" celebration.

They had their 1st date a month later, and were engaged 7 weeks after that.

Soon after they took two powerful courses - The Landmark Forum, and The Landmark Advanced Course.

Within the context of those wisdom courses, and with years of Reverend Ed Townley's Unity's principles guiding them individually, they each took on a new life commitment:

Preston became the "Possibility of Creative Love",

Emily became the "Possibility of Healing".


Upon marriage, they choose to adopt a new last name, and so it was that on the 1st Friday in August 2004, Emily and Preston were married in Unity's garden gazebo, becoming the Kliks.

When Creative Love married Healing, the fusion began, and both their lives were irrevocably transformed.

Together they co-create communities of Creative Love and Healing, via celebrations / meditations of Spirit moving through-you-AS-You, to facilitate y/our divinity, ever rising toward Higher consciousness, toward the Higher good, toward y/our True Selves.


"There is much Work to do in this world to relieve suffering, and there are many paths to realize the Bliss Body.

We are charting our path, and hope that you consider joining us."

- Preston & Emily (Klik)



Within the first few days of meeting, Preston & Emily agreed to keep their respective pasts in the past, divugling little.

They wanted to know the other as who they are now, who they are becoming - not who they once were. It was a bit of "don't ask, don't tell", but also working on a "need to know" basis, done with integrity.

This "un-binding" to their "old limiting stories" was freeing, as old baggage was dropped, and transformation encouraged.


Upon falling in love, and committing their lives to eachother, they began anew , experiencing a kind of liberation."

I could say 'I used to be . . . ', and 'Emily used to be . . .', but neither of us find such disclosures very liberating.

In fact, we find our histories factually true but metaphysically limiting. Now we push eachother to see who we can become.

We are about looking forward, not about looking back.

We do the same for others.

"We are alive at the beginning of the 21st century.

All of us will determine what kind of world we live in, what kind of lives we lead, what kind of influence we have, for better or ill.

Will our world (our lives) be heart-forward and Love-filled?

If so, let's start right now.

Our goal is to create new heart-mind-body bliss-architectures, so that others following us can walk their paths more easily, just as others have mapped spiritual paths for us."

- Preston & Emily





Preston & Emily Klik


600 Hartrey #11,
Evanston IL 60202
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