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PRE: I met two parents in a garden. They bestowed a blessing upon their very young daughter, bringing her into tune with Nature and this embodiment, and nurturing her connection to them as her early life Guides. Why invite me? To play N.A. flute in my role as Spiritual Elder. The young'un WILL be blessed. And in the doing, so will we


POST: The idea-full, heart-felt, and deliciously intimate Blessing Ceremony for (and about) my two friends' young daughter was wonderful! With written "anchors" to improvise off of, and musical improvisations in between (my N.A. flutes & crystal bowls), the gentle and smile-filled ritual was very organic and alive. Indeed, the flow was such a creatively natural give&take that it actually modeled in the present what was being invoked for the future: generous love, authentic connectivity, simple clear communication, emotional resonance, support, healing, nurturing, conscious evolution... She's a lucky kid to have such awakened parents. Beautiful!

"You're such a wonderful officiant! I'm forever grateful for the heart-opening workshop and gong meditation you led for us. We staged somewhat of an intervention to help him overcome some self-distructive health habits. It really helped unify and motivate us. YOU'RE REALLY AWESOME at your ministry work! It changed our life that day for sure! THANK YOU!!!!!!!"
- Rebecca



Jason & Jasmati (Wedding, Chicago)
Jory & Maria (Wedding, Madison WI)

Tom & Kerry (Wedding, Chicago)

Nathan & Angela (Wedding, Chicago)
Ellyzabeth & Ali (Commitment, Logan Square, IL)
Brian & Asali (Wedding, South Side, Chicago)
Christian & Pennie (Marriage, Rogers Park, IL)
Brian & Mary (Wedding, Hinsdale, IL)
Louie & Kc (Wedding, St Charles IL)
Kelly & Mark (Wedding, Old Town, IL)
Rachel & Johnny (Wedding, Galena IL)
Christian & Pennie (Preliminary, Pilsen, IL)
Steve & Lena (10th Anny Re-Vow, Chicago, IL)
Glenda & Kirk (Wedding, Chicago IL)
Myke & Shannon (Wedding, St Charles IL)

alternative / spiritual
Sacred Weddings

& Ceremonies  led by Preston Klik

I am an all-inclusive multi-faith spiritual (not religious) minister, and have performed wedding celebrations, commitment ceremonies, and anniversary re-commitments.

I like  to meet with the couple - you - to make sure we're on the same page, and to get to know a little about your story: how you met; why you're getting married. If we all agree, I'll then send you a copy of my ceremony.

My ceremony is quite beautiful. I ask the couple to make ANY tweaks you want - it is YOUR wedding and it must fit your needs. You may even take whole sections out - really! And add new ones. If you two want to talk more during the ceremony, I'd love that; just add it. There must be enough room for YOUR self-expression! (If you'd like to have a friend read a poem or sing a song or tell a story or dance sometime during the ceremony, do!)

My role is to spiritualize your event, to make it sacred by y/our commitment and integrity. We will, with your permission, sanctify your wedding. And by doing so, we'll raise the spiritual center of gravity of our community - and the world - a little Higher.

NOTE: I do NOT want to offend anyone in your wedding audience. Using "Mother/Father" God, or "Divine" for instance - or NOT using "Jesus the Christ" - can offend some. On the other hand, you can NOT please everybody. And it is YOUR wedding, not theirs. So I'll play by your rules, what works for YOU two. I honor all names for the Sacred One who blesses you. I'm sure it will be a sacred spiritual wedding.

I also send an inspirational "20 Questions To Inspire Vows." These Qs bring out authentic, deeply loving, powerful word-sharings / vows from bride & groom to guests (& me, your officiant). This is not a test, and I don't see it. It's for you. Skip around, use the ones that inspire you. This is YOUR special day so feel free to stick stories / thoughts into your ceremony so you can share them with your friends and guests. Keep it real, sweet, romantic, sacred, and fun!

FEE: $300 (adjustable re: your budget and travel)

Preston Klik



"Thank you for the beautiful words. There wasn't a dry eye in the house."- Trish VDM (Mother of the Bride)


"Our wedding was officiated by Preston Klik, and we wouldn't have had it any other way - indeed, we never even considered asking someone else to marry us. Preston lives and breathes unconditional love, and the tone he set for our wedding perfectly reflected our love for each other other and all those who are dear to us. It was a magical ceremony; a ritual of clear intention sparked by spontaneous humor and overflowing with love and joy. Preston was not only wonderful during the wedding, he was great to work with in the planning phase. He gave us a very detailed ceremony to work from, and from that blueprint we were able to craft a ceremony that we felt was uniquely us. We added and deleted some text, re-ordered some of the ceremony, wrote our own vows, added a water ritual and a reading done by our friend. Preston was very happy to incorporate all our changes, and encouraged us to go as far as we liked; we really felt that our wedding was a co-creation of the three of us. Many of our guests commented on the beauty of our ceremony, and we went into our reception walking on air!- Rachel (& Johnny)


"I'm glad we asked you to play your gong at the beginning of the service. It was unique and really brought eveyone's attention together!"- BK & Asali

"The first wedding I presided over was that of Myke Hollahan and Shannon. Two things are interesting about that. (1) Myke is the father of my wife Emily's son, Justice! I was asked by Myke and Shannon to wed them, and I gladly did so with Emily's full support. (2) There were eight parental units at the wedding! I am happy to report they all liked the ceremony very much, and many were moved to tears."


"You Just Rock! We Love You So Much! Thank You Preston for making our wedding so Beautiful and special and personal by being our officiant. Everybody Loves You! I heard my stepdad wants to be your agent. That's hilarious! I told him you are your own agent! What's really wild is that the next wedding we went to, Shane picked a reading by you that he randomly found in some paper. I told him, that's the guy that married us! He didn't know that. So Infinite. We'll send you some love from Hawaii!"- Shannon (& Myke)


"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. YOU have far exceeded any expectations we had about how good you would do (and we always knew you would do a great job). But damn!!! You were amazing THANK YOU."- Myke (& Shannon)


"Thank you so much for your important role in making our wedding the absolute fairy tale wedding of our dreams come true!!! You did just what I intended which was to get everyone involved in co-creating the ceremony... thank you so much - it was PERFECT. Which is why I chose you. We are boundlessly blessed in the love of our community. You and Emily are the center of that community. Thank you, thank you - a million thank yous for the lives you beautify."- Pennie (& Christian)


Preston Klik

PrestonKlik@aol dot com



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